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La Vie Est Belle is a new Lancome fragrance. Iris is the key ingredient of the perfume, surrounded by orange blossoms and jasmine in the heart. The composition’s opening provides fruity flavors of black currant and pear, while the base is warm, gourmand and powdery due to almond-like accords of tonka bean, praline, patchouli and vanilla.

$129 | PFW026

For those who dare to dream, the decidedly young scent of CHANCE, an unexpected floral, pulls out all the stops in Eau de Parfum Spray. Eau De Parfum Spray (50 ml) Available sizes: 50ml and 100 ml

$126 | PFW007

Sweet Baby GirlGiftset Contains light pink soft teddy bear, tout petit jacadi perfume 100 ml (without alcohol) and butterfy stainless photo frame beautifully arranged in a pink box. A special gift for a new born baby girl.

$89 | TOY048

Happy Birthday helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL154

Happy Birthday helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL152

Happy Birthday  helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL151

8 red roses arranged nicely in a porcelain mug with a message: "You make my heart Bloom. I Love You!"

$39 | FLR268

3 Red roses in Fleurs container. Simple yet beautiful.

$21 | FLR181

Seven colorful latex helium balloons with a "Happy Birthday to You" message.  A special twist for an unforgettable birthday surprise.

$24 | BAL140

Junior shape Helium Balloon. Send some love to your Panda!

$9 | BAL184

Circle of Love filled with hearts pendant made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 2.45 g Motif diameter : 2.2 cm

$178 | GLD197

Bee Mine.. You're the Bees Knees! A funny way to express your love. 

$8 | BAL182

A Kiss to your Valentine. Helium Balloon lips shape with I love you message.

$9 | BAL183

Happy Valentine's Day balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL181

Tiny heart pendant made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 1.65 g Motif dimensions : 0.8 x 0.8 cm

$124 | GLD189

Happy Valentine's Day balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL179

Big Heart pendant made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 2.95 g Motif dimensions : 2.2 x 2.5 cm

$208 | GLD195

Inspired by the Beauty and the Beast‘s iconic bloom.Like the magical flower from the movie, one enchanted red rose stands upright in a glass dome. This is a REAL natural rose that has been completely hand crafted and preserved to last an eternity... If left encased in the bell glass, the rose can last for up to 3 years or more  without sunlight or even...

$75 | FLR266

Heart shaped I Love You balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL178

Heart shaped Hugs & Kisses balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL177

Cartier is revamping one of their best-selling fragrances in the entire portfolio, Déclaration D'un Soir. reprises the cold spices of the original. Essentially a huge rose with thorns, given the woody backdrop, it is boosted with cardamom and a very perceptible pepper spray top note to refresh and give piquancy.

$125 | PFM012

Estee lauder amber mystique. The hallmark ingredients of this magnificent fragrance, include warm, sultry and mysterious amber, lavish Taif rose and exotic oud wood… Amber Mystique begins with glossy black currant and raspberry nectar. Elegant pink pepper then brings a vibrant spicy freshness which dances with sensual ylang-ylang..

$188 | PFW032

The perfume bottle holding this elixir is reminiscent of a sacred stone. Jewel-like, its facets express the radiance of the mysterious Thierry Mugler fragrance. Notes: Sambac jasmine, Cashmeran wood, amber gris Aroma :Woody Oriental Style:Seductive EDP 60ml.

$116 | PFW037

An Eau de Parfum Miss Dior thought for a "young woman elegant, playful and loving." Romantic, Miss Dior incarnates the spontaneous joy of living with a young woman of today. A particular way to be free and to please. A fragrance characterized by a captivating and immediate charm ..

$127 | PFW018

We'll miss you helium balloon (45 cm)

$8 | BAL136

A heart shaped 35 red roses. The perfect way to express your desire and love. Send it now to your beloved ones in Lebanon!

$128 | FLR019

Inspired by the trench coat and its heritage of British design and craftsmanship, My Burberry captures the fragrance of a London garden after the rain. The scent is a contemporary British grand floral and features a delicate heart of rose woven with an unexpected touch of geranium leaf. This product is an Allure Best of Beauty winner.

$132 | PFW040

A big coffee mug containing 400g of heart shaped red chocolates.

$24 | CHO143

Football Cake Serves up to 40.For bigger sizes, please contact us.

$178 | CAK076

Tom and Jerry Cake Serves up to 40.For bigger sizes, please contact us.

$178 | CAK075

The new fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent is a sensuous bouquet to the woman whose heart belongs to Paris… even if home is elsewhere. A voluptuous floral accord of violet, damask rose and tart blackberry seems to tell the whole story. But then comes the fullness of sandalwood, deepened by musk and brightened by peonies, tying the endnotes to the ones...

$117 | PFW036

Tout Petit Jacadi Baby Boy Frangrance 100 ml (without alcohol)

$56 | TOY046

It's winter!! What can be better than these 3 Snowmen emroidered towles to send. With the special red holiday bag it will be the perfect fun gift for the season. Dimensions: 32cm x 34 cm

$37 | GAD045

A super soft teddy bear measuring 95 cm and holding a heart pillow with a message "Just for you!", along with 18 premium red roses in a glass vase and a heart shaped helium balloon.

$128 | GAD209

A basket to keep your loved ones warm during cold days. They can make the perfect marshmallow hot chocolate and enjoy it with some chocolate chip cookiesMetal basket, Cadburay hot chocolate, marshmallows, mug, chocolate chip cookies, and digestive cookies.

$49 | FNC035

Hope Your Birthday is Magical helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL122

Snowman tower, set of 3 gift boxes filled with sweet delights. Contains 300g of ferrero rocher chocolate, 600g of crunchy coconut flake balls and 500g of mixed mini chocolate.A gift to enjoy!!

$62 | CHO147

One dozen of long stem pink roses arranged beautifully in a glass vase along with 250g of heart shaped fine chocolate in a box.

$82 | FLR085

Valentina by Valentino is Fresh floral - fruity - oriental, full of contradictions, simultaneously delicate and strong, elegant, sensual, rebellious and fun. It starts off with bergamot from Calabria and white truffles from Alba. Amalfi orange blossoms, sweet jasmine, tuberose and wild strawberries compose the perfume's heart, settling on the base of...

$118 | PFW069

A beautiful cement pot containing 15 of our premium red roses arranged nicely to make your lover's heart beat faster. 

$58 | FLR246

A small rose plant  (25-30cm) with blossoming baby roses in a glass or ceramic pot. Available in pink and fushia colors.

$25 | FLR253

Double stem purple orchid plant in a ceramic pot along with a Mother's Day balloon.  A simple yet elegant way to wish a Happy Mother's Day to your lovely mom!

$59 | FLR252

Supersized Heart Shaped Mother's Day Helium balloon 91cm with 3D effect.

$22 | BAL173

Heart shaped helium balloon 43cm with Love you Mom message.

$8 | BAL168

Heart Shaped Jumbo Helium balloon 71cm  with Mom You're the Best message.

$18 | BAL167

Jumbo Size helium balloon with Love You Mom message. (71cm)

$18 | BAL166

Light bulb shaped flower vase with a red rose and a message saying "You Light Up My Life". A romantic way to say I Love You.

$15 | FLR245

I Love you heart shaped helium balloon 45 cm.

$8 | BAL161

I Love you heart shaped helium balloon 45 cm.

$8 | BAL160

Big I Love You super shape helium balloon (53 x 104 cm)

$22 | BAL158

I Love You heart shaped helium balloon 45cm

$8 | BAL156

Tease your loved one by sending them this provoking box containing:- a round pillow with the message "Ma B7ebbk" on one side "Bmout Fike" on the other side. - a piggy bank in the shape of a fire distinguisher with a message "Wel3an bi 7obbk Taffineh!"- a wall clock in the shape of a bottle cap with a message "All of me Loves All of you Unconditionally"

$78 | GAD200

No matter how hard we try, the best love messages are the ones that you share with your loved one that no one else would understand.  This gift box includes a customizable cushion on which we can write whatever message(s) you want or leave it blank, a grey mug with Love theme, Two dark lindt bars 100g each, and a USB lamp quoting "You light up my life".

$74 | GAD197

A greige super soft 85cm teddy bear wearing a "Be Mine" scarf. This bear's specialty is warming up the heart of your partner cooled out by the long distances. 

$75 | GAD195

A bouquet of 40 pink roses

$86 | FLR248

Simley Love Emoticon Set including a round pillow, super soft slippers and a jar mug containing 300g of premium heart shaped chocolate all arranged nicely in a box. 

$42 | GAD193

This is our Valentine Love Pack II and it includes the following all placed in an artificial leather bag: - a bouquet of 18 premium Red Roses- a super soft white teddy bear- a jarmug containing 300g of heart shaped chocolate.- a prop with a funny and romantic message (message varies)- a bottle of Ksara 2011 red wine. The perfect combo for Valentine or...

$148 | GAD199

A box containing the essentials for Valentine, a Smiley Love emoticon Pillow, a LOVE mug containing a mixture of heart shaped chocolate and Lindor (300g), and a frame quoting "When there is Love there is Life! "

$46 | GAD192

A large mug with message "Hello Ms. Naughty" filled with 300g of heart shaped chocolate and Hello Lindt chocolate bar.

$30 | CHO136

Smiley cute love pillow, 37cm.Great way to express your feelings with this fun emoticon to everyone you love.

$17 | GAD189

Bubble Cake made of succeess chocolate, whipped cream, praline bubbles and chocolate ganancheServes up to 15.

$48 | CAK064

A large mug with message "I'll Never Let you go" filled with 400g of heart shaped chocolate.

$26 | CHO151

DIOR ADDICT Eau de ParfumSignature: Oriental and modern, suave and vibrant.Bouquet: Intense and vibrant, it reveals a rare treasure ... The opulent Queen of the Night, a tremendous tropical flower that grows in Jamaica and blooms only once a year, releasing its powerful scent of vanilla in a single night.Color:  The deep blue of a summer night.

$126 | PFW014

Metal basket full of irresistible temptations; 1 bottle of baileys, mug, cadburay hot chocolate, marshmallows, 2 Lindt excellence chocolate, a box of chocolate chip cookies and 1 box of digestive cookies.Anyone will be delighted with this basket, makes a great holiday gift.

$88 | CHO150

THIS IS HER! 100ml fragrance, sensual, free and jauntily, floral bouquet mixing Arabian jasmine, pink peppercorn, chestnut and vanilla, associated with sandalwood as base note, the Zadig & Voltaire signature.

$124 | PFW063

Pink roses arranged in "Best Mom Ever" coffee mug.Send her this beautiful arrangement and make her smile every morning.

$37 | FLR230

Pamper her on her special day, send her a great combo of La Vie en rose cake, Rose flower plant and Love you Mom ballon. This will surely make her day blossom and shine. - Vanilla cake with strawberry covered with layers of white and rose flavored chocolate. Serves up to 15.- A small rose plant  (25-30cm) with blossoming baby roses in a glass or ceramic...

$88 | FLR258

Best Mom Ever mug.

$16 | GAD167

A small birthday stand with Happy Birthday helium balloon.

$24 | BAL142

Personalized Picture Cake.Chocolate and vanilla flavors availabale.Serves up to 12 persons Note: Should be ordered 2 days in advance.

$68 | CAK060

A bouquet of 25 Oreos

$64 | CHO085

Givenchy, L'Ange Noir, EDP 75ml.The composition is a powdery floriental combination of light and dark notes. It opens with a blend of bergamot, pink pepper and fresh almond. The mild powdery character of pure white iris, one of the noblest of flowers, is mixed with slightly salty black sesame in the heart.

$122 | PFW055

A beautiful bouquet of 20 orange tulips wrapped in jute.

$57 | FLR221

Your loved one got the Flu and you can't think of anything to comfort them? We've got you covered with a pack to get your loved one's health back! A box containing a hot water bottle, Ginger & Honey Tea, Lemon & Ginger Tea, Panadol Advance, Strepsils Honey & Lemon, Cal-C-Vita, a 60ml Shot of M&M's and lots and lots of super soft tissues. 

$78 | GAD207

Who doesn't love tulips?16 tulips, beautifully arranged in a rectangular vase. Anyone will love this simple yet classy arrangement.

$45 | FLR250

A super soft teddy bear measuring 95 cm and holding a heart pillow with a message "Just for you!" Let your partner know who your heart belongs to!

$78 | GAD194

Send your loved one this Love mug. He/she will think of you and how much you Love them every time they use it.

$16 | GAD166

This is Tally Bear, measuring more than 160 cm, this bear is well instructed to take good care of your partner when you're away.  It comes with a super soft furr, and guarantees mood elevation every time it is hugged. 

$165 | GAD191

The marvelous Benny Bear 70cm.

$55 | GAD119

Sushi Chocolate Cake Serves up to 30.For bigger sizes, please contact us.

$178 | CAK078

Oummi, 'My Mother', gold pendant with chain. 18k yellow gold,  pendant is approximately 3  x 2 cm. Weight: 2.7g 

$184 | GLD107

Send him this box on a rainy winter day along with all of your warm wishes. A box containing a big pack of Davidoff Fine Coffee, 9 packs of Swiss Hot Chocolate, a handful of Lotus caramel biscuits, a Ritter Sport Chocolate bar, a stylish winter Scarf and a big classy Mug. NB: Mug message and scarf color may vary.

$68 | FNC027

A beautiful porcelain snow man jar filled with 300g of Lindor chocolate. 

$49 | CHO122

T-Rex, Science & Jeu, Clementoni.Discover the amazing prehistoric creatures.ages 8+Made in Italy.

$17 | TOY070

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Snakes and Ladders.Size: 90x60cmSuitable for Ages 3+, 2-4 players.

$23 | TOY069

A basket for whiskey lovers; Jack Daniels Tenessee 750ml, 600g of refai premium nuts, crackers, Lindt Excellence chocolate and a selection of fruits (pear, apple and orange).  A gift to celebrate! Cheers!

$88 | FNC033

Make them smile with this Get well soon white bucket filled with 500g of mixed mini chocolates with a stick get well soon balloon.

$29 | CHO124

A big coffee mug containing 400g of heart shaped red chocolates.

$24 | CHO142

Avengers Team Puzzle and TatooPoster size: 41x28 cm. Premium quality is achieved by using appropriate thick cardboard, a special non-reflective layer, and puzzle pieces’ perfect fitting.

$19 | TOY068

1 Million marks the come-back of asserted masculine seduction. The 1 Million man is flamboyant, daring and uses his charm to play with a touch of humor. He loves the feeling of exploring new sensations, his dreams and fantasies always takes him further.EDT 100ml

$92 | PFM020

Trefl Puzzle Spiderman. These Maxi puzzles give the opportunity to pose both a beautiful picture with your childrens' favorite characters and colouring helps develop creativity from an early age. A treat for all Spiderman fans.Puzzle consists of 30 piecesDimensions: 60 x 40 x 0.5 cmIdeal for children from 3 yearsMade in Poland

$28 | TOY067

The Super-Powered Property Trading Game by Parker Brothers. Suitable for ages 8+, 2-6 players

$24 | TOY066

Look! Match! Smash! Moustache Smash is the stache smashing game that’s full of speedy, silly-looking fun! Moustache Smash is great fun for 3-6 players and ages over seven years old. Test out your reflexes and become the hairiest champion of all! What’s in the box?6 x moustaches on a stick32 x moustache cards

$17 | TOY065

Dad You're the Best helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL176

Happy Father's Day helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL175

212 VIP is glamorous and exclusive in its composition, inspired by the energetic life of New York metropolis, the city that never sleeps. Fresh aromas of seductive rum and passion fruit from the beginning of the compositions will take you to the musk and gardenia heart, and then to the soft base of vanilla and tonka bean.Eau De Parfum Spray (50...

$86 | PFW024

This is a great puzzle for Disney Sofia fansThe puzzle features 24 large pieces so that even small children can use itBeautifully finished and extremely high qualitySuitable for children aged 3 years and above.Made in Poland

$26 | TOY057

This puzzle game is created specifically for children over 3 years of age. The puzzle consists of 24 very large pieces so that younger children can try to arrange an image by themselves. After laying down all the pieces together, a beautiful maxi size picture is created. The game develops manual skills, perception and the joy of creation on one's own....

$26 | TOY056

Frozen Cartoon music piano electronic organ toy keyboard electronic baby education toy with music

$18 | TOY055

The Enchanted Rose inspired from the Beauty and the Beast movie made of 18k yellow gold. Send a spell of love!   Weight: 4.3 g Motif dimensions: 2.2 X 1.0 cm

$296 | GLD199

Frozen Snakes & LaddersSuitable for Ages 3+, 2-4 players.

$19 | TOY054

Round helium balloon 43 cm with a message You Are On My Mind!

$8 | BAL164

Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy EDT 100ml. The fragrance opens with an exhilarating blend of fresh lavender and sparking bergamot. The heart of Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy is comprised of luxurious orris and aromatic sage and rosemary. The rich background of exotic patchouli and smoky vetiver adds addiction and envelopes the fragrance in enigmatic darkness.

$82 | PFM043

Hearty heart bracelet made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 1.65 g Motif dimensions : 1.6 x 1.2 cm

$119 | GLD193

Get well soon emoticon helium balloon (45 cm)

$8 | BAL132

Heart shaped pendant with Love engraved on it. Made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 2.40 g Motif dimensions : 1.0 x 1.0 cm

$184 | GLD191

Bvlgari Man Black Orient edp 60ml.Sophisticated and mysterious, Bvlgari Man Black Orient has a spicy aromatic opening thanks to the rich notes of rum (a standard for the collection) and peppery cardamom. The opulent floral heart includes lavish tuberose and oriental Taif rose, laid on the intensive masculine basis of oud and leather.

$104 | PFM031

Roberto Cavalli Uomo EDT 100ml.The new Cavalli man deserved a fragrance in synch with his unique outlook, a leitmotif to his way of life. An exclusive aromatic oriental woody fragrance, a combination of precious ingredients that create a perfect harmony between timeless Italian sophistication and dandy rock boldness. Roberto Cavalli Uomo , the fragrance...

$104 | PFM023

Toute Petite Jacadi Baby Girl Frangrance 100ml (without alcohol)

$56 | TOY045

This energizing fragrance for men will last all day! Polo Red is composed of ingredients that are fitting for the red bottle they are in. Red Grapefruit, red saffron, hot amber and red wood are just a few that make up this alluring fragrance for him. Eau De Toilette Intense(125 ml)

$94 | PFM022

Round flower pendant set with zircon, made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 3.45 g Motif diameter: 1.0 cm

$238 | GLD204

Enchanted Yellow Rose from the Beauty and the Beast movie, made of 18k yellow gold. Send a spell of love!   Weight: 3.10 g Motif dimensions: 2.5 x 1.0 cm

$225 | GLD203

Enchanted Rose from the Beauty and the Beast movie, made of 18k yellow gold. Send a spell of love!   Weight: 3.10 g Motif dimensions: 2.5 x 1.0 cm

$218 | GLD200

Heart shaped bracelet with engraved Love on it. Made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 1.30 g Motif dimensions : 1.0 x 1.0 cm

$102 | GLD192

Blue Arrangement constists of 6 helium balloons and teddy bear (35 cm height).

$44 | GAD036

Great Assistant helium balloon (45 cm)

$8 | BAL135

Sterling silver baby girl pendant with chain.Motif size 3 x 1,5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver, pearl and cubic zirconia stones.A perfect gift for a mother of baby girl.

$31 | SLV003

Sterling silver baby boy pendant with chain.Motif size 3 x 1,5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver, pearl and cubic zirconia stones.A perfect gift for a mother of baby boy.

$31 | SLV004

10 stems of beautiful orchids placed in a large white pot. A perfect gift to send your best wishes for Wedding, New Born, Mother's Day or any other special occasion.Height: 85-90 cm

$290 | FLR260

Large love mug in a tin giftbox.

$22 | GAD169

Love You Ktir mug.

$16 | GAD168

CHOPARD OUD MALAKI offers luminous accords of grapefruit in the very top of the composition, along with an aromatic blend of artemisia and lavender.

$163 | PFM010

A blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur of our own making, for a taste that’s one-of-a-kind and unmistakably Jack. With hints of honey and a finish that’s naturally smooth, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey offers a taste of the unexpected. Bottle size: 75 cl. 

$42 | FNC028

A box containing 10 traditional coffee cups (shaffeh), one pack of Cafe Najjar 450g, 700g mini unica and 12 packs of Dabke biscuits. 

$44 | FNC036

A box containing all the essential to celebrate a great moment: a blossoming pink rose plant, Yves Rocher Shower Gel 200ml, Yves Rocher Body Lotion 200 ml and a fluffy shower sponge. Note: Rose plant is replaced with a similar plant (baby orchid, baby azalea,..) of same size when not available.

$66 | GAD208

A classy and elegant arrangement of 28 pink roses for the modern woman. Vase included.

$96 | FLR263

Concerto Cake. Beautiful thin layers of mousse chocolate, mousse strawberry, creme brulee, ganache chocolate. Serves up to 15.

$47 | CAK063

A beautiful box of 16 pink roses.

$58 | FLR262

Heart Earrings made of 18k yellow Gold. Weight: 0.9 g Motif Dimensions: 1.0 x 0.9 cm

$64 | GLD167

Pure Indulgence! Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve 75 cl. A bold blend of intense flavors!It is as an indulgent luxurious and multi-layered blend with a smooth balance of sweet fruits and creaminess that evolves into deeper honeyed tones before finishing in lingering waves of wood, fruit and light, sweet West-coast smoke.

$68 | CHO045B

Small Heart Earrings made of 18k yellow Gold. Weight: 0.8 g Motif Dimensions: 0.7 x 0.6 cm

$58 | GLD166

A beautiful arrangement of 10 roses and 10 tulips in a glass vase. A perfect combination for pink lovers.Pink color and shades may vary according to availability.

$74 | FLR220

Poker Cake Serves up to 40.For bigger sizes, please contact us.

$178 | CAK079

An elegant, luxurious spray closest in strength and character to the parfum form. Spray lightly on pulse points morning and evening. The classic signature bottle is a sophisticated addition to any dressing table.Eau De Parfum Spray

$126 | PFW006

When Gold meets Fragrance. Like a custom-made Givenchy creation illuminated with a thousand golden threads, Dahlia Divin is an exquisitely refined, sensual fragrance that envelops the skin with a warm, radiance and ethereal luster that like a golden Haute Couture gown, leaves you feeling…divine. EDP 75ml

$136 | PFW039

The Miss Dior Eau de Toilette was designed by François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, like a walk in the alleys of a garden in bloom. A spirit of spring, a fragrance with floral accents that exudes joie de vivre.Eau De Toilette Spray (50 ml)

$102 | PFW019

Wooden elegant box filled with 850g of red heart shaped fine chocolate.Send some sweet treats for your sweetheart and let them know how much you love them.

$58 | CHO137

Experience Sì, the new fragrance by Giorgio Armani. This luminous fragrance has been created for the modern woman who’s strong yet feminine, sophisticated yet charismatic. She embodies the very essence of chic Italian elegance and style.She says YES to life!Sì to StrengthSì to DreamsSì to FreedomSì to Love EDP 50ml

$105 | PFW045

World's Greatest Mom Trophy, super shape helium ballloon (63 x 73 cm)

$20 | BAL119

Infinity pendant made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 2.30 g Motif dimensions : 1.5 x 0.6 cm

$174 | GLD186

Love You Mom Teapot flowers junior shape helium balloon (43 x 48 cm)

$11 | BAL115

Fresh, enigmatic and exhilarating… Mischievous and captivating… I am the warm spark beneath the sweetness. I am absolutely essential and utterly irresistible. I am the chic and very seductive, perfumed creation by Guerlain. EDP 50 ml

$109 | PFW012

Dragonfly pendant made of 18k yellow gold.    Weight: 2.15 g Motif dimensions : 2 x 2 cm

$166 | GLD188

Snickers Bouquet, contains 25 pieces.

$64 | CHO087

Eau de Parfum 100 ml. This fragrance is indispensible while visiting the city of London if one wants to feel the pulse of this old and contemporary city. This is a classic floral scent with jasmine in its heart. It opens up with rose and honeysuckle harmonized with a fruity tangerine note.

$87 | PFW050

A beautiful pink seasonal flowers basket.

$48 | FLR002

Downtown Eau de Parfum Spray by Calvin Klein is a signature classic for a real woman, sophisticated, distinct and unique...with attitude. Notes: Green Pear, Watery Plum, Gardenia petals EDP - 90 ml

$115 | PFW034

28 Pink Tulips in a glass vase, along with  750 g of chocolate dipped strawberries arranged in a box, with a greeting card "I LOVE YOU MOM ktir Ktir Ktir" to add your card message on it. Berries for Mom to make her day! N.B.: Please order 1 day in advance

$118 | FLR156

White Lilies with 18 Pink Tulips and a card "No Way Shou Bhebbik Mom"

$125 | FLR165

30 long stem local purple tulips tied closely to each other with a purple satin ribbon.

$66 | FLR087

Sexy and sensual, euphoria speaks to the woman who has the urge to break free from everyday life - to provocatively be part of an exciting world filled with pleasure, surprise, and temptation. Her fragrance is a contrast between exotic fruits and seductive florals, for a rich, creamy, seductive signature.EDP 100ml

$85 | PFW049

Elegant MOM shaped pendant with a gold chain. Made of 18k yellow Gold. Gold weight: 3.70 g Motif dimension: 3 x 2.5 cm

$245 | GLD142

Extra soft elephant approx 30cm holding a mini I love you heart and jar of 300g of fine italian chocolate candy.

$48 | GAD136

Elegant heart shaped pendant with gold chain. Made of 18k yellow Gold. Gold weight: 2.50 g Motif dimension: 2.5 x 2.4cm

$166 | GLD134

This charming spring bouquet of approximately 24 tulips in gentle shades of pink, white and purple captures all the beauty of those Holland gardens in a splendid floral gift that’s perfect for any occasion. (Vase not included)

$64 | FLR020

2 Birthday Helium Balloons with 6 plain colorful balloon.

$34 | BAL036

28 red tulips beautifully arranged together. What a better way to say I Love you?

$76 | FLR108

A beautiful shiny red star tray containing 300g of lindor chocolate. Makes a perfect Christmas gift.

$42 | CHO132

An impressive arrangement of approximately 25 red roses, 15 red tulips and 15 pink tulips arranged in a glass vase. (Vase included) Perfect arrangement for Valentine!

$158 | FLR109

26 Tulips; orange, yellow and white to symobolize Energy, enthusiasm, desire, and passion mixed with sunshine and purity! Send them to express it all.(Vase Included)

$68 | FLR107

Yellow tulips for sunshine  and cheerful thoughts. 28 Yellow Tulips arranged in a glass vase. (Vase Included)

$68 | FLR104

Vanilla sponge cake with red cherry and white chocolate.Serves up to 15.

$45 | CAK062

The One Royal Night Dolce & Gabbana for men EDP 100ml. Its oriental - woody composition begins with notes of cardamom (two types of cardamom oil) and basil. Wild pear wood, a dry wood with a leathery note, and spicy nutmeg form the heart, followed by the oriental base of amber, cedar, sandalwood and labdanum.

$132 | PFM042

Energy, enthusiasm, desire, and passion, this is what orange tulips express! 20 orange Tulips arranged in a glass vase. (Vase Included)

$57 | FLR102

Chocolate Cherry cake. Chocolate sponge cake with red cherry.Serves up to 15.  

$45 | CAK061

Purple tulips symbolize royalty. 20 purple tulips arranged in a glass vase. (Vase Included)

$57 | FLR101

Modern Muse NUIT is the new scent of after-dark seduction by Estée Lauder, EDP 50ml.   Drenched in glamour, this latest addition to the award-winning Modern Muse family is a true embodiment of night-time glamour and seduction. Inspired by mysterious opulence and intense luxury, Modern Muse NUIT explores the deeper and more addictive side of a Modern Muse. 

$112 | PFW064

Red tulips mean "believe me" and are a declaration of true love. Send 20 red tulips arranged in a glass vase and decalre your love. (Vase Included)

$57 | FLR100

Tell them you care! 36 pink tulips that mean affection and caring. (Vase Included)

$78 | FLR103

So pretty, so perfect, so delicately pink. These 28 artistically arranged pink tulips are just about the sweetest gift ever.

$74 | FLR023

A heart shaped box including a bottle of Black Label Whiskey 75cl, a steel photo frame with"I love you Dad Ktir Ktir Ktir" message, 3 bars of Lindt and a couple of Patchi cigar chocolates.  What a great surprise to mark it a memorable Father's Day!

$98 | GAD160

Happy Birthday winnie the pooh helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL062

Versace Dylan Blue EDT 100ml. A highly distinctive fougère fragrance. The expression of a man's strength and charisma conveyed in modern fresh and sensual Mediterranean freshness.

$105 | PFM032

Happy Birthday with Mickey & Friends characters helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL061

Cars Birthday  helium balloon (45 cm)

$8 | BAL090

Super Shape first Birthday Girl helium balloon ( 91cm x 74cm)

$8 | BAL091

Super Shape first Birthday Girl helium balloon ( 91cm x 74cm)

$18 | BAL079

An elegant box of Moet et Chandon Champagne and lindt chocolate.Contains 1 bottle of Moet, 500 gram of Lindor chocolate, 4 lindt excellence; orange, dark, cherry& strawberry 100g each, 2 cigar chocolates.An Imperial box your recipient will surely love.

$188 | CHO106

Ferrari Man in Red EDT 100ml. The senses are awakened by fresh and captivating bergamot and red apple, tempered by the cool spice notes of cardamom. The composition gently leads us to a fruity-floral heart, and to an addictive bottom of tonka bean and warm labdanum

$57 | PFM027

Super Shape1st Birthday helium balloon. (71cm x 48cm)

$15 | BAL078

L'Homme Ultimate by YSL EDP 60ml.   For the man who leaves his mark. A duality of freedom and control. An audacious blend. The sensuality of sage with the depth of aromatic woody notes creates an ultimately distinctive signature. The effortless leader by Yves Saint Laurent.

$94 | PFM026

A pair of beautiful owl earrings.   Made of 18k yellow Gold. Weight: 1.35 g Motif Dimensions: 1.5x1.0 cm

$92 | GLD160

Armani Code Profumo EDP 60ml radiates warmth and intensity, and is the secret weapon for the modern seducer.Alluring, powerful and fiery, the classic Code base of tonka bean has been amplified by a sensual woody fragrance and notes of cardamom and a woody amber accord. 

$108 | PFM025

Winter chic and luxurious beatiful arrangement designed in a glass cube vase for a breezy mix of exotic and modern.H: 25cm

$88 | FLR197

Oreo cheesecake. Serves up to 15.

$53 | CAK070

A beautiful combination of 50 pink, purple and yellow roses. A hand bouquet to impress.

$106 | FLR267

Sterling silver dragonfly colorful stones pendant with chain.Motif size 2 x 1,5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver and colorful stones.

$29 | SLV005

Legend reflects the contemporary elegance of the Montblanc brand - both modern and timeless.

$81 | PFM049

A chain bracelet containing a starflower motif .   Made of 18k yellow Gold. Weight: 1.65 g Motif Diameter: 1.6 cm

$119 | GLD153

M&M's Bouquet, contains 25 pieces

$68 | CHO086

Best Wishes wedding or engagement ring helium balloon junior shape (40 x 53 cm)

$10 | BAL131

20 fresh pink tulips arranged nicely in a glass vase. (Vase Included)

$57 | FLR089

A casual, brisk fragrance spiked with heightened notes of freshness and sensuality. Dynamic scent to spray generously all over the body.

$96 | PFM009

Congrats on your Engagement helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL130

Happily Ever After helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL134

Heart shaped Happily Ever After helium balloon 45 cm

$8 | BAL138

Congratulate them on their new bundle of joy with this arrangement of mixed pink flowers and it's a girl helium balloon. 

$78 | FLR238

Double stem white orchid in a glass vase with Happy Birthday Balloon and "Sana Helwa ya Jamil" card. Make their birthday a beautiful one with this gift!

$78 | FLR140

One dozen of red roses beautifully arranged in a large porcelain love messages mug. The perfect gift for your loved one.

$58 | FLR229
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