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Inspired by the Beauty and the Beast‘s iconic bloom.Like the magical flower from the movie, one enchanted red rose stands upright in a glass dome. This is a REAL natural rose that has been completely hand crafted and preserved to last an eternity... If left encased in the bell glass, the rose can last for up to 3 years or more  without sunlight or even...

$75 | FLR266

Real-Time 5 digits Like counter.Celebrate your digital milestones with your clients!Simple and efficient, our counter will help you create a precious link with everyone in your store.Note: To be ordered one day in advance.

$595 | GAD214

It's winter!! What can be better than these 3 Snowmen emroidered towles to send. With the special red holiday bag it will be the perfect fun gift for the season. Dimensions: 32cm x 34 cm

$37 | GAD045

Blue Arrangement constists of 6 helium balloons and teddy bear (35 cm height).

$44 | GAD036

Classic leather wallet for men.Color: Crocodile HavaneWidth: 11 cmHeight: 8.5 cm

$55 | GAD025

Classic leather wallet. Color: Burgundy (Reddish Brown) Width: 11.5 cm Height: 9 cm

$52 | GAD023

Sterling silver baby girl pendant with chain.Motif size 3 x 1,5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver, pearl and cubic zirconia stones.A perfect gift for a mother of baby girl.

$31 | SLV003

Sterling silver baby boy pendant with chain.Motif size 3 x 1,5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver, pearl and cubic zirconia stones.A perfect gift for a mother of baby boy.

$31 | SLV004

Sterling silver dragonfly colorful stones pendant with chain.Motif size 2 x 1,5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver and colorful stones.

$29 | SLV005

Sterling silver cross pendant with chain.Motif size 4 x 2,5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver, colorful stones and cubic zirconia stones. A gift with meaning to your loved one.

$42 | SLV007

A super soft teddy bear measuring 95 cm and holding a heart pillow with a message "Just for you!", along with 18 premium red roses in a glass vase and a heart shaped helium balloon.

$128 | GAD209

A box containing all the essential to celebrate a great moment: a blossoming pink rose plant, Yves Rocher Shower Gel 200ml, Yves Rocher Body Lotion 200 ml and a fluffy shower sponge. Note: Rose plant is replaced with a similar plant (baby orchid, baby azalea,..) of same size when not available.

$66 | GAD208

Your loved one got the Flu and you can't think of anything to comfort them? We've got you covered with a pack to get your loved one's health back! A box containing a hot water bottle, Ginger & Honey Tea, Lemon & Ginger Tea, Panadol Advance, Strepsils Honey & Lemon, Cal-C-Vita, a 60ml Shot of M&M's and lots and lots of super soft tissues. 

$78 | GAD207

Who doesn't love tulips?16 tulips, beautifully arranged in a rectangular vase. Anyone will love this simple yet classy arrangement.

$45 | FLR250

Tease your loved one by sending them this provoking box containing:- a round pillow with the message "Ma B7ebbk" on one side "Bmout Fike" on the other side. - a piggy bank in the shape of a fire distinguisher with a message "Wel3an bi 7obbk Taffineh!"- a wall clock in the shape of a bottle cap with a message "All of me Loves All of you Unconditionally"

$78 | GAD200

This is our Valentine Love Pack II and it includes the following all placed in an artificial leather bag: - a bouquet of 18 premium Red Roses- a super soft white teddy bear- a jarmug containing 300g of heart shaped chocolate.- a prop with a funny and romantic message (message varies)- a bottle of Ksara 2011 red wine. The perfect combo for Valentine or...

$148 | GAD199

No matter how hard we try, the best love messages are the ones that you share with your loved one that no one else would understand.  This gift box includes a customizable cushion on which we can write whatever message(s) you want or leave it blank, a grey mug with Love theme, Two dark lindt bars 100g each, and a USB lamp quoting "You light up my life".

$74 | GAD197

A greige super soft 85cm teddy bear wearing a "Be Mine" scarf. This bear's specialty is warming up the heart of your partner cooled out by the long distances. 

$75 | GAD195

A super soft teddy bear measuring 95 cm and holding a heart pillow with a message "Just for you!" Let your partner know who your heart belongs to!

$78 | GAD194

Simley Love Emoticon Set including a round pillow, super soft slippers and a jar mug containing 300g of premium heart shaped chocolate all arranged nicely in a box. 

$42 | GAD193

A box containing the essentials for Valentine, a Smiley Love emoticon Pillow, a LOVE mug containing a mixture of heart shaped chocolate and Lindor (300g), and a frame quoting "When there is Love there is Life! "

$46 | GAD192

This is Tally Bear, measuring more than 160 cm, this bear is well instructed to take good care of your partner when you're away.  It comes with a super soft furr, and guarantees mood elevation every time it is hugged. 

$165 | GAD191

Smiley cute love pillow, 37cm.Great way to express your feelings with this fun emoticon to everyone you love.

$17 | GAD189

Send him this box on a rainy winter day along with all of your warm wishes. A box containing a big pack of Davidoff Fine Coffee, 9 packs of Swiss Hot Chocolate, a handful of Lotus caramel biscuits, a Ritter Sport Chocolate bar, a stylish winter Scarf and a big classy Mug. NB: Mug message and scarf color may vary.

$68 | FNC027

Large love mug in a tin giftbox.

$22 | GAD169

Love You Ktir mug.

$16 | GAD168

Best Mom Ever mug.

$16 | GAD167

Send your loved one this Love mug. He/she will think of you and how much you Love them every time they use it.

$16 | GAD166

A heart shaped box including a bottle of Black Label Whiskey 75cl, a steel photo frame with"I love you Dad Ktir Ktir Ktir" message, 3 bars of Lindt and a couple of Patchi cigar chocolates.  What a great surprise to mark it a memorable Father's Day!

$98 | GAD160

Whether Mabroook for a new born or promotion or graduation.. Whatever the occasion is, this combo will say it best!   Moet et chandon Imperial Champagne with "Mabrooook" greeting card and congratulations helium balloon.

$98 | GAD153

Proud of them because they made it?Send them this combo of Moet et Chandon Imperial Champagne with "Mabrouk I'm Proud" of you greeting card and Congratulations helium balloon.

$98 | GAD151

Send them your best wishes on their wedding with the Moet et Chandon Rose Champagne and "Mabrouk Mr & Mrs! Wilililililili" greeting card and congratulations helium balloon.

$118 | GAD152

Extra soft elephant approx 30cm holding a mini I love you heart and jar of 300g of fine italian chocolate candy.

$48 | GAD136

Send your loved ones this cute Elephant (approx 30cm). Elephants are said to bring good luck, happiness and longetivity and are symbold of strength, honor, stability and patience.

$22 | GAD121

The marvelous Benny Bear 70cm.

$55 | GAD119

Hugs and Kisses! - I Love You Pillow   - heart shaped pink lips napkin cover - Habibi Card (written in arabic) - Pink glittery helium balloon Perfect combinations for pink lovers in xoxo bag!

$48 | GAD052

2 Birthday Helium Balloons with 6 plain colorful balloon.

$34 | BAL036

6 Helium Balloons.Theme and color can be changed according to occasion and event.

$48 | BAL020
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