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Silver Crystal Stars Necklaces Made of 925 sterling silver


It's a Girl Cart helium balloon 18" (45cm)


Sterling silver flower earrings.Earrings diameter 1.5 cm Made of 925 sterling silver

$26 $37 -30%

Sterling silver butterfly earrings.Earrings diameter 1 cm Made of 925 sterling silver


Sterling silver blue heart necklace with chain.Diameter 1 cmMade of 925 sterling silver


Sterling silver pearl blue eye pendant with chain.Diameter 1.3 cmMade of 925 sterling silver


Sterling silver pearl stone necklace with chain.Diameter 2.5 x 1.5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver


Sterling silver heart zircon necklace with chain.Diameter 1.7 x 1 cmMade of 925 sterling silver


Sterling silver round heart pendant with chain.Diameter 1 cmMade of 925 sterling silver


Sterling silver infinity pendant with chain.Motif size 0,9 x 2,5 cmMade of 925 sterling silver


It's a Boy Cart helium balloon 18" (45cm)


It's a Girl Type helium balloon 18" (45cm)


It's a Boy Blue Star helium balloon 18" (45cm)


Baby Girl Feet helium balloon 18" (45cm)


White pedestal glass bowl filled with 500g of pink heart shaped chocolate."Habibty Ya Mama greeting card" will add a special touch and make your gift personalized.


Heart shaped Best Wishes damask design balloon 18" (45cm). 


Best Wishes floral balloon 18" (45cm). 


Good Luck Balloon  18" (45cm). 


A bottle of Blue Label 75ml is a gift to impress a connaisseur. A perfect gift for special occasions. 


Congratulations helium balloon (45 cm)


Baby Boy Feet helium balloon 18" (45cm)


1 kg of Maamoul Pistachio fingers with a special Karabij Dip from Amal Bohsali. All Sweets are gift wrapped to assure freshness and longevity. Delivery all over Lebanon.


Whether Mabroook for a new born or promotion or graduation.. Whatever the occasion is, this combo will say it best!   Moet et chandon Imperial Champagne with "Mabrooook" greeting card and congratulations helium balloon.


Super shape It's a Boy Footprint foil helium balloon (58 cm x 82 cm) and 4 blue it's a boy design balloons (45 cm).


It's a Boy Flower Arrangement. What could be more welcoming than an arrangement of 3 dozens of blue roses with white and green crysantheme beautifully arranged in a box.Blue roses are replaced with white roses, whenever not available.


Pink chocolate dipped strawberries along with a bottle of Moet et Chandon Rose and baby rose plant.See details below.Note: Rose plant is replaced with a similar plant (baby orchid, baby azalea,..) of same size or a bouquet when not available.

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