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Spreading holiday vibes, the English way.English cream toffee candies, fruit jellies, orange flavored tea, along with a gorgeous winter tea mug with spoon. See details below. 


This basket contains 1 bottle of baileys and aproximately 500 grams of Lindt chocolate.- Lindt Strawberry- Lindt Orange- Lindt dark 70% cocoa- Lindor fine chocolate


A special pink themed tea box, including Yogitea®, premium macarons, heart chocolates, chocolate coated nuts, tea mug with lid, and scented candle.See full details below.


A traditional coffee tray for Jeddo, including Turkish coffee, traditional Lebanese coffee cups, coffee pot plant, exclusive "Wara2 Jeddo" playing cards, Dabke biscuits, mastik chewing gums, worry beads, and "Cheikh el Shabeb" Tarboush prop. See details below.


Moet et Chandon Imperial Champagne with a box of 6 finest milk chocolate cigars.


A gorgeous tea set including teapots and jugs, along with premium macarons and more. See details below.


Pure Indulgence!  A bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve along with Lindt Excellence chocolate bars and premium macarons, beautifully arranged in a box. See details below.


A basket containing heart shaped milk chocolates, Mini Baileys Irish cream, "Eid Min Lyom" greeting card and an artificial orchid deco plant.See details below.


An elegant wooden basket containing Moet et Chandon Champagne, premium chocolate bars, seasonal plant, dried pomelos and cranberries, and bruschette bites. See details below.


A gift basket designed specifically for our beloved jeddos. Aside from Arak Fakra, this basket includes premium organic honey, our exclusive Wara2 Jeddo playing cards, worry beads, , premium dates filled with almonds, pumpkin seeds and pistachios packs, olive oil organic soap (ghar), "I Love You Jeddo" greeting card, Chamaedorea plant and a tarboush...


This luxurious gift basket contains a bottle of Moet et Chandon Rose, premium macarons, fresh strawberries and a selection of fine chocolates. See details below. NB: Fresh strawberries will be replaced by blueberries or raspberries when out of season


Make her smile with our elegant flower box. Pink roses and Ksara Sunset wine along with a Habibiti Ya Mama greeting card. See details below.


An elegant wooden box to spread love from a distance. This box includes pink Moet champagne, macarons, premium red roses and heart shaped chocolates. See details below.


An elegant heart shaped flower box filled with roses, and Fererro Rocher chocolates.


A cute teddy bear holding an "I Love You" balloon, along with a box of premium macarons and sparkling sangria.  See details below.


A see through pink bag containing baby rose plant, Ksara Sunset wine and heart shaped chocolates with a prop which reads "My Heart For You"


Prosecco is always the answer.An exciting basket containing a bottle of Italian Prosecco, kumquats (mini oranges), Ferrero Rocher, Patchi chocolate cigars, heart-shaped beeswax candle and champagne glasses. All items will be arranged in an elegant Love basket. See details below.


An elegant blue themed arrangement with Spanish blue wine, chocolates, nuts and a seasonal plant. This item is for sure to leave an impression. See details below.


A gift box to make them feel better. Includes a succulent plant, organic Armenian honey, Lindt Excellence orange chocolate, ginger honey tea, green mug, decorative bee figure and get well soon balloon stick.See details below.


An essential pack for coffee lovers. They say coffee makes everything possible and it's true!See the description below for more details


A gourmet and big cheese & wine basket, a gift to adore for any occasion.Contains IXSIR Altitudes red wine, Boursin Herbes& Garlic, Boursin Fig & Walnut, Goat cheese fig, Camembert, Parmesan, Roquefort, Babybell gouda, babybell original and a selection of fresh french baguette.


A Luxury basket that includes Chateau KSARA red wine and Rose Sunset KSARA, and a selection of fine cheese; French Camembert, Brie, Boursin Garlic, Boursin Fig and walnut, Roquefort, Babybel, Herbey Dutch Cheese, Cummin flavored cheese, Red Hot Dutch cheese and not to forget a selection of baguette and multicereal bread. All arranged in this exquisite...


Who doesn't love cheese and wine?Whether it's an occasion to celebrate or just a casual day, this basket will surely serve the purpose. It includes Rose Sunset KSARA, Brie, Boursin Garlic, Boursin Fig and walnut, Roquefort, Babybel, Herbey Dutch cheese and a selection of fresh bread.


This Cheese and Wine Basket contains Chateau KSARA red wine and a selection of the following; Brie, Roquefort, Boursin Garlic, Boursin Fig and Walnut, Babybel, Cummin flavored dutch cheese, Red Hot Dutch cheese, and a selection of fresh baquette. Make their day and send your loved this amazing basket!


A blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur of our own making, for a taste that’s one-of-a-kind and unmistakably Jack. With hints of honey and a finish that’s naturally smooth, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey offers a taste of the unexpected. Bottle size: 75 cl. 


Pure Indulgence! Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve 75 cl. A bold blend of intense flavors!It is as an indulgent luxurious and multi-layered blend with a smooth balance of sweet fruits and creaminess that evolves into deeper honeyed tones before finishing in lingering waves of wood, fruit and light, sweet West-coast smoke.


A box containing 6 traditional coffee cups (shaffeh), one pack of Cafe Najjar 450g, 600g mini unica, 10 packs of Dabke biscuits and pack of chocolate cream cookies.


Metal basket full of irresistible temptations; 1 bottle of baileys, mug, cadburay hot chocolate, marshmallows, 2 Lindt excellence chocolate, a box of chocolate chip cookies and 1 box of digestive cookies.Anyone will be delighted with this basket, makes a great holiday gift.


A traditional coffee tray including all time favorites. In addition to Cafe Najjar, this item includes a coffee pot plant, Dabke and Unica biscuits, traditional Lebanese coffee cups, Mastic chewing gums, shoe and sous candies, and mini tubes containing chocoate coated coffee beans, candied nuts, and herbal sugar candies. See details below.


A pack containing 6 bottles of Almaza beer, one pack of Al-Rifai mixed nuts 350g, 3 mini pringles with different flavors and 6 packs of salty crackers, baked rolls and breadsticks.


A pack containing one bottle of Stolichnaya Gold 700 ml, Balkis Orange Juice 1L,  2 cans of Cranberry Juice,  3 mini pringles chips with different flavors, Mixed nuts Al-Rifai 450g, and 6 packs of salty crackers, baked rolls and bread sticks. 


A big basket for sweet and salty lovers!Contains 8 big potato chips packs and an awesome selection of 25 chocolate bars.A guaranteed safe choice for any occasion.


Remy Martin XO - 700mlWide spectrum of aromas of late summer fruit, combined with rich floral notes of white flowers such as jasmine.The perfect expression of Fine Champagne opulence on the palate with mature flavors of juicy plums and candied oranges, with a hint of hazelnuts and cinnamon. Velvety, rich, and lingering.


A bottle of Blue Label 75ml is a gift to impress a connaisseur. A perfect gift for special occasions. 


A Luxurious Rmadan Basket!Contains, one dozen of white roses, premium box of mixed baklava, dates, jallab syrup, dried fruits and nuts beautifully arranged in a basket and decorated with Fanoos Ramadan. Wish your loved ones a Happy Eid!See details below.


An extravagant winter basket to spread holiday cheers from a distance.While unwrapping this basket, your loved ones will surely be delighted.Including a range of dried fruits like dried pineapples and cranberries,  to raw nuts like macadamias and chestnuts.To top it all, we have added a bottle of Baileys® Irish cream and Ferrero Rocher® chocolates. See...


Keeping it organic and healthy during the holidays.A basket filled with nuts and dried fruits, in addition to a bottle of Ixsir red wine.See details below


- 1 Big Box of Fitness whole wheat cereal- Honey Jar, Lagnese- 500 grams Oat- Low Fat fresh milk- 300 g of dried apricots- 4 kiwis - 1/2 kg Red apple- 1/2 kg Golden Green Apple- 1/2 kg Orange- 1/2 kg Banana- Orange Juice- Dark Lindt chocolateTo ensure morning delivery, please order 24 hours in advance


Deluxe Breakfast Basket contains:• Assortment of mini jams (4 flavors)• Assortment of mini baguettes• 1 Vanilla Muffin• 1 Chocolate Muffin• 3 Croissants (Zaatar, Cheese, Chocolate)• Coffee• Fresh Orange Juice• 2 kiwis• 2 golden green apples• 2 red apples• 1/2 kg of bananas• 1 single roseN.B.: To ensure morning delivery, please order 24 hours in...


Who can resist a traditional Lebanese breakfast basket?Surprise your loved one with this 'definitely to love' basket that contains:- Lebanese bread- Saj bread- 500g of labne baladieh- Olive Oil- Halloum cheese- 2 cans of Foul mdamas- 1/2 a dozen of eggs- Olive Jar- 1/2 kg of tomato- 1/2 kg of cucumber- 1 fresh mint bunch- 1 box of teaTo ensure morning...

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