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Send this arrangement to express Love and Affection.10 red roses for Love and 10 pink tulips for affection, beautifully arranged in a glass vase. (vase included)

$78 | FLR155
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40 Colorful Tulips arranged in a glass vase. (Vase Included).

$88 | FLR106
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This charming spring bouquet of approximately 24 tulips in gentle shades of pink, white and purple captures all the beauty of those Holland gardens in a splendid floral gift that’s perfect for any occasion. (Vase not included)

$64 | FLR020
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36 tulips; pink for affection, white for purity and purple for royalty.(Vase Included)

$78 | FLR158
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A beautiful arrangement of 10 roses and 10 tulips in a glass vase. A perfect combination for pink lovers.Pink color and shades may vary according to availability.

$74 | FLR220
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Red tulips mean "believe me" and are a declaration of true love. Send 20 red tulips arranged in a glass vase and decalre your love. (Vase Included)

$57 | FLR100
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Who doesn't love tulips?16 tulips, beautifully arranged in a rectangular vase. Anyone will love this simple yet classy arrangement.

$48 | FLR250
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