Like A Chocolate Kiss



Exclusive Scavi & Ray Italian red wine infused with chocolate, creating a glamorous and unique taste.

Comes along with heart shaped chocolates arranged in an elegant box.

A unique gift to remember.

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This item includes:

  • Scavvi Chocolate wine (75cl)
  • Heart shaped chocolates (150g)

SCAVI & RAY offers a completely new take on taste, fusing two very different tastes to create a novel and unique flavour sensation. With its light sweetness, SCAVI & RAY AL CIOCCOLATO also appeals to the customers who normally shy away from wines. A lovely cocoa aroma fills the air as soon as the bottle is opened to stimulate the senses. The red grape cuvée offers a unique bouquet of aromas that combines the fruit of a dry red with the generous chocolate aroma of fine Italian chocolate, making every sip a truly fascinating taste experience. AL CIOCCOLATO tempts the senses and is Italian passion in a glass. This wine has a glamorous, unique, and appealing label design, and is a true eye-catcher.

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