Dad's Maintenance Pack


To the person who can fix anything at home.

A wooden plaque which reads "My Dad Can Fix Anything" mustache coffee plant mug, premium chocolate bars, and a multifunctional screwdriver set.

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This box includes:

  • Wooden plaque which reads "My Dad Can Fix Anything"
  • Multifunctional screwdriver set
  • Mustache mug
  • Coffee plant
  • Lindt Excellence chocolate bar
  • Godiva chocolate bar
  • Father's Day prop

Make your gift Extra Special! Add..

A single red or pink rose!

In Stock

I Love You Balloon

In Stock

Teddy Bear (35cm)!

In Stock

I Love You Dad helium balloon 18" (45cm)

In Stock

Happy Fathers Day with Tie helium balloon 18" (45cm)

In Stock

Happy Father's Day with Dots and Banner helium balloon 18" (45cm)

In Stock

Thank You Greeting Card

In Stock

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