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A Mother's Day gift box including pure organic honey, lemon and ginger tea, ceramic honey jar, tea mug, kitchen towel, and beeswax candle, greeting card and queen bee helium balloon.See full details below. 


A Mother's Day coffee tray including ground Lebanese coffee, traditional cotton candy, heart shaped chocolates, biscuits and lokums, our exclusive Set el Kol towels, Kalanchoe plant, Ahla sob7iyye ma3 el mama card and an elegant wooden coffee tray.See full details below. 


A coffee gift box perfect for morning rituals with mom.See full details below. 


Send them your best wishes on their wedding with the Moet et Chandon Rose Champagne and "Mabrouk Mr & Mrs! Wilililililili" greeting card and congratulations helium balloon.


Your loved one got the Flu and you can't think of anything to comfort them? We've got you covered with a pack to get your loved one's health back! A box containing a hot water bottle, Ginger & Honey Tea, Lemon & Ginger Tea, Panadol, Strepsils Honey & Lemon, Cal-C-Vita, a 60ml Shot of M&M's and lots and lots of super soft tissues. 


Happy Birthday Mom Tulips helium balloon 18" (45cm). 


12 red roses arranged in an elegant black box with a secret drawer containing 400g of heart-shaped chocolates.A box full of happiness!N.B: Candle holders not included


Happy Birthday helium balloon 18" (45cm)


Happy Birthday Star helium balloon 18" (45cm)


Lucky in Love Helium Balloon 18" (45cm)


Gorilla in Love Helium Balloon 18" (45cm)


A super soft teddy bear measuring 95 cm and holding a heart pillow with a message "Just for you!" Let your partner know who your heart belongs to!


A super soft 85cm teddy bear wearing a "Be Mine" scarf. This bear's specialty is warming up the heart of your partner cooled out by the long distances. 


A special arrangement including, Victoria's Secret® Body Splash and Lotion along with cotton candy and heart shaped chocolates and a scented candle. Fragrance Notes : Sparkling Pomegranate. Sultry Woods. Party Queen.See details below.


A Kiss to your Valentine. Helium Balloon lips shape with I love you message.


I Love you Gold Arrows helium balloon 18" (45 cm)


I Love You handwritten helium balloon 18" (45 cm)


Get Well Soon colorful smileys balloon 18" (45cm). 


Good Luck Balloon  18" (45cm). 


Best Wishes floral balloon 18" (45cm). 


Heart shaped Best Wishes damask design balloon 18" (45cm). 


Heart shaped Happy Anniversary balloon 18" (45cm). 


Mom You are so special round helium balloon 18" (45cm). 


Cupcake you're so sweet helium balloon 18" (45cm). 


I Love You Monkey helium balloon 18" (45cm). 


Happy Fathers Day with Tie helium balloon 18" (45cm)


Happy Father's Day with Dots and Banner helium balloon 18" (45cm)


Single white rose in a blue cone-shaped box with mustache


Shu B7ebbik Mom Greeting Card


Thank You Greeting Card


Happy Birthday Cupcakes Glitter Greeting Card


Euphorbia Lactea CactusPot Vase included.


A pack containing 6 bottles of Almaza beer, one pack of Al-Rifai mixed nuts 350g, 3 mini pringles with different flavors and 6 packs of salty crackers, baked rolls and breadsticks.


A traditional coffee tray including all time favorites. In addition to Cafe Najjar, this item includes a mini pot plant, Dabke and Unica biscuits, traditional Lebanese coffee cups, Mastic chewing gums, shoe and sous candies, and mini tubes containing chocoate coated coffee beans, candied nuts, and herbal sugar candies. See details below.


Metal basket full of irresistible temptations; 1 bottle of baileys, mug, cadburay hot chocolate, marshmallows, 2 Lindt excellence chocolate, a box of chocolate chip cookies and 1 box of digestive cookies.Anyone will be delighted with this basket, makes a great holiday gift.


White pedestal glass bowl filled with 500g of pink heart shaped chocolate."Habibty Ya Mama greeting card" will add a special touch and make your gift personalized.


A super cute birthday gift box filled with mini confetti chocolates, mini chocolate bars, rose wine and a super cute Ghazl El Banet (aka cotton candy) enamel pin."3a2bel el 100" greeting card included See details below.


Exclusive Scavi & Ray Italian red wine infused with chocolate, creating a glamorous and unique taste.Comes along with heart shaped chocolates arranged in an elegant box. A unique gift to remember. See details below.


A special gift box for dad including Black Label whiskey, hand watch, chocolates and "Habibi Ya Baba" greeting card. See full details below.


Piccini® prosecco along with a delicious eclair cake and Habibi Ya Baba greeting card. See details below

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