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Husband's Bank Credit Card - Love You Ktir! Khalilna Yek! Greeting Card


White 70cm teddy bear holding an I Love You pillow and a red rose.


Large love mug in a tin giftbox.


White pedestal glass bowl filled with 500g of pink heart shaped chocolate."Habibty Ya Mama greeting card" will add a special touch and make your gift personalized.


A greeting card which reads "You're My Favorite Whatsapp Notification"


A glass bottle with your customized message inside. Make your message travel through distance. Measures approximately 8cm.


"One Day Closer" motif with plane. Made with 925 sterling silver.


Feed Me And Tell Me I'm Pretty square greeting card. 


We know how hard it is to be in a long distance relationship. This gift box was inspired by people who are in a long distance relationship and will sure draw a smile on your loved ones face from a distance.See details below.


One of a kind bird brooch made with gemstones, along with a pink black scarf and Lancôme make up set.See details below.


A super soft teddy bear measuring 95 cm and holding a heart pillow with a message "Just for you!" Let your partner know who your heart belongs to!


A super soft 85cm teddy bear wearing a "Be Mine" scarf. This bear's specialty is warming up the heart of your partner cooled out by the long distances. 


Jar mug filled with 300g of heart shaped italian chocolate

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