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A Mother's Day gift box including pure organic honey, lemon and ginger tea, ceramic honey jar, tea mug, kitchen towel, and beeswax candle, greeting card and queen bee helium balloon.See full details below. 


A coffee gift box perfect for morning rituals with mom.See full details below. 


Contains an assortment of small chocolate bars; Twix, Lion, Mars, Snickers, Kinder fingers, Kinder Bueno, Twirl , Bounty, Leo, Kitkat, Maltesers and  M&M's.


Special Chocolate Basket for chocolate lovers.


A basket just for kinder lovers, contains: - 3 Kinder Bueno- 6 Kinder Eggs- 2 kinder delices- 2 kinder country- 2 kinder fingers- 1 big kinder fingers


Metal basket full of irresistible temptations; 1 bottle of baileys, mug, cadburay hot chocolate, marshmallows, 2 Lindt excellence chocolate, a box of chocolate chip cookies and 1 box of digestive cookies.Anyone will be delighted with this basket, makes a great holiday gift.


White pedestal glass bowl filled with 500g of pink heart shaped chocolate."Habibty Ya Mama greeting card" will add a special touch and make your gift personalized.


This basket contains 1 bottle of baileys and aproximately 500 grams of Lindt chocolate.- Lindt Strawberry- Lindt Orange- Lindt dark 70% cocoa- Lindor fine chocolate


This stunning basket contains 1 bottle of baileys and aprrox. 1 kg of chocolate.- 650 grams of cote d'or mignonette- 200 grams of Lindor fine chocolate- 150 grams of hersheys kissesWhat a great combination for chocolate lovers!This amazing arrangement can be a great gift for valentine, christmas, birthday or other celebrations.

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