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24 pink and red roses in a 40cm black contemporary glass vase. Send this bouquet of red roses from our Glamorous Black Collection to your loved one.


Black is like nothing else. It’s radical, and utterly fascinating. Its intense character and enigmatic elegance hold a promise of the unexpected. A vibrant, sophisticated burst, a generous heart with striking sensuality, a magnetic and enveloping trail… COCO NOIR. THROUGH BLACK… LIGHT REVEALED.


16 Red roses in a see through flower gift box.


15 red roses in a round glass vase with Fererro Rocher chocolates in a heart shaped box. Vase height: 9cm


This wooden flower pot is filled with real fluffy white cotton and purple flowers. A great gift that will last for a lifetime. 


Potted Chamaedorea Plant.Originally from Mexico, this lady has been one of the most popular indoor plants since Victorian times (she's nicknamed the 'Parlour Palm') and she'll easily thrive in any spot in a home or workplace.


An elegant combination of fresh purple crysanthemes in a glass vase, along with a framed modern poster.See details below.


1 dozen of long stem red roses in a glass vase. Simply Elegant!Vase included.


12 red roses arranged in an elegant black box with a secret drawer containing 400g of heart-shaped chocolates.A box full of happiness!N.B: Candle holders not included

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