Mademoiselle Jacadi



Aromatic sensations for your offspring

The Jacadi brand has created an innocent scent for girls between three and seven years old. The perfume wins young girls over with a floral scent, letting your little daughter feel like a real lady. The perfume is alcohol-free and contains extremely mild ingredients, meaning that no skin irritation will occur.

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Feminine scent for young ladies

The Eau de Toilette spray Mademoiselle Jacadi from the Jacadi range exudes an innocent, playful scent. The ingredients appeal thanks to a long-lasting, aromatic scent, which radiates a warm and floral character. With just one spray, the young lady can benefit from a breath-taking scent, which settles around the child’s body like a second skin. Let your offspring gather her first aromatic experiences and present her with childlike joy!

Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml

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